Change for Travel


I’m on the SS1 plan and next week have to travel for about 48 hours. The plan has:

  • Tue SS, Wed Tempo and Thu Endurance zone rides
  • I can do the Tuesday SS ride as planned.
  • I can’t ride Wed
  • I can do a ride Thursday evening.

Should I:

  • Do my tempo ride Thu evening, and skip the endurance ride and then just do my planned weekend rides
  • Do my tempo ride Thu evening, endurance ride Fri morning, then weekend rides as planned
  • Do my tempo ride Thu evening, nothing Friday, then add additional zone 2/TSS to Sat and Sun rides to hit the weekly TSS target.
  • Something else




If it is impossible to find a gym with a bike to ride while traveling to do the zone 2 ride on Wednesday I would do the follow.

Do your tempo Thursday. Take Friday off so you can give your weekend rides everything and not hit Sunday with 3 days of riding in your legs. Also Saturdays are usually a key ride of the week and that is why there is a rest day on Friday, so you are ready for it. You can add some TSS but don’t over do it for two reason. You don’t want to be too fatigued come the following Tuesday and you don’t want to get in the habit of chasing TSS.

If this is a one time thing not a big deal. You really couldn’t go wrong any way. With it being SS1 you won’t be too fatigued as the workouts are not super demanding, even though they feel it with just getting started.

But when it comes up more often it becomes more of a problem. At that point you may want to look at coaching or a coaching subscription to help you set up a plan for you. Some people just have different family and job schedules where these type of situations happen often and a typical training plan doesn’t work so well.

Good question and safe travels!

Great - thanks @Jake!

It is just a one off so I’ll follow your guidance and do the tempo on Thu and keep Friday as a rest day.

Already have a subscription plan and that has come in handy!



Great! Sorry I see you are a subscription member now. I actually just changed those workouts around for you.

If there is anything else you need adjusted or data you want us to look at just let me know! Happy to do that for you.

Wow - that was quick. thanks!

No other adjustments needed at this stage. Loving the plan. Only 1.5 weeks into it after doing a 3 week introductory type plan. Will probably get some analysis done towards the end of my first month’s subscription, but will be seeking guidance on what to analyze and why! Structured training/data analysis new to me.

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Yeah end of the 4 week will be best. We can analyze a few things, make any adjustments at that point if needed and you’ll be on your way for the next 4 weeks.

Glad you’re enjoying the plan!