32-week SST and Resistance Plan

Hi -

I am super excited to start my FasCat subscription. I am really looking forward to working with you. I start the 32-week SST and Resistance Plan on Sunday. I have two questions:

  1. I already completed the FTP test and am wondering what I should substitute for Sunday, which otherwise would be a field test.

  2. The overall volume is much lower than where I have been for the past few months and I understand TSS should drop for a bit, but there is also a significant decline in CTL. Should I simply follow the program or should I look at augmenting with some Endurance miles.

Thank you so much!

Hi Richard!

Happy to help out!

Is there a reason you are starting on a Sunday? Your longer weekend rides will end up being on Thursday and Friday’s now. This isn’t a huge problem early on as they are shorter. But once you finish the resistance phase you will have longer rides that are 3 - 4 hours on Thursdays and Fridays.

As far as the field test day you can just do something like 3 x 10 minute sweet spot intervals. Or you could even just go through the field test protocol and instead of riding that 20 minutes full gas ride at 95%, so sweet spot. This way you are more familiar with the test set up.

The overall volume is low early on. The resistance phase is about building strength! CTL and aerobic fitness is secondary. There is no concern with the drop in CTL. If you look forward and follow the plan the CTL will up to 79 I saw in April. The most you were last year was 65. That is as far out as I went. So trust the process. You will come up. But first we want to build that strength that you will build that aerobic fitness which prepares you for intensity and interval training before your race or event.

Thanks, Jake. The Sunday start is due to my work schedule at the moment. I typically do long rides Thursday evening (either on the trainer or in the dark). I usually have Friday afternoons free to ride. There are some occasions where my schedule gets some compress that I break up the long ride into two sets, doing the intense portion in the early morning and then taking on Tempo/Endurance miles in the evening, usually padding an extra 30-60min. Such is the life of a busy executive, husband, Dad, etc. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice on the Sunday ride. I will adjust accordingly.

Yes, my CTL has been pretty low this year. I am trying better 2019, where I was in the mid-80s over the summer. Now I just need FTfP. Lol.

Thank you so much for your feedback.

That makes sense! You’re not the only person that has to shuffle their programs like that. I actually did that myself last year with Sundays off. Just was easier with my schedule with the kids.

As far as adding some time you can throw in 30 minutes of zone 2 here and there. Best now on the ‘weekend’ rides. Once you get to the sweet spot training we can add some time for you as well to match CTL of 2019. That is something we can do with the coaching subscription. Just show you the best spots to add some time. But that is best suited during the base building phase. Now just focus on strength!

Will do. Thanks, Coach.