Calorie in take during 10 week weight training plan

Hi all,

I’m in phase 2 hypertrophy of the 10 week weight lifting plan and can feel the progress. The Z2 spins before & after really help out the legs.

How is everyone managing their calorie in take - just eating good clean food to satiety?
I’m so accustomed to using my power meter I pretty much know where I stand when training on the bike. I do use my Wahoo HR strap and head unit for my works outs. I ride the stationary bike at the gym and spin 20-25 mins Z2 by HR before & after. By the end of my work out which is around 110mins on average it has calculated I’ve burned just over 1300 calories - how accurate do you believe it to be, I believe it to be about half that between 500-650.