Z2 for 10 Week weight training plan

Good day all,

Question regarding the pre & post 30 min Z2 rides on the 10 Week plan - how are people or what is the recommended way - ride at home before going to the gym then ride again after or ride the stationary bike at the gym based on RPE or HR to keep the flow and minimize down time? I"m in week 1 and have been riding the stationary bikes at the gym using my HR strap and taking my head unit to keep my HR in Z2. I’m just trying to avoid the down time from riding at home, changing out of kit then driving to gym and repeating process to ride after.

Any input is appreciated.


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Like you I am using gym bike after weights. z2 heart rate. I have been pleasantly surprised how much better my legs feel after that.
I prefer to do it all in one session. After changing kit and then walking home from gym I don’t want to get into shorts and start another session on the bike. I think I would end up missing out the cycle so better for me to do it all in one session.


Yes all-in-one session is what I do. Gym bike has PM so do all at the gym.

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