Broken Scapula- what now?

Hi there
I unfortunately cracked my scapula in the weekend after playing pinball with a tree while X country MTB racing (c race) . I am only 4 weeks into sweet spot 18 week plan and loving it so it’s a real bugger. However life’s no dress rehearsal. My Question, would I be best push pause on my plan and start again at the 5th week? How can I shift my plan in a block in TP? My legs are sweet what trainer rides would you suggest for the next 2-3 weeks before I can get back on the road? Cheers Simon

Sorry to hear about your injury!

First and foremost listen to your doctor. When he clears you for trainer rides, you can start those and when you are cleared to do outdoor rides you can begin those.

You can shift your plan in TrainingsPeaks by clicking on the menu on the date. Then choose shift. Then choose the day and every day after. Finally pick the day you can resume the training

As far as workouts I would suggest, if you are cleared for training I would just resume with the sweet spot plan. Obviously when you are cleared at first you may just need to stick to some 30 minute rides. I know that is what I had to do when I had similar injuries. Slowly building back up. But after a week or so I would be able to complete sweet spot and tempo workouts. Burst and acceleration might be harder so you may have to hold back on those or just do seated. But I would try to continue with doing sweet spot . Sweet spot isn’t overly intense and you can get the most gains for riding sweet spot and keep a pretty good level of fitness. You should be more than capable of continuing right where you felt off.

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Thanks Heaps for your email Jake your a star. Your explanation on the TP thing is fantastic.
Hey so if I did something like this during a 30min trainer ride 3 x 7min sweet spit with 3 min active recovery 4-5 x a week until I can start plan again does that sound ok. Cheers Simon

I would just do Zone 2 for a day or two, even a week. You will feel when you are ready. See how your body handles that. Then add the sweet spot like you stated. But once you get more comfortable extend up to 60 - 90 minute rides. Also increase and change the sweet spot workouts. 3 x 10 minutes, 4 x 8 minutes, 3 x 12 minutes and etc. Also can do crisscross or burst efforts where every few minutes you ramp up the intensity during the sweet spot effort.

Hi Jake, for some reason I can not click on the shift item to access the drop box (it does not light up the only option that lights up is add) is there anyone that I can contact? Cheers