Ramping back up from injury/illness?

I’m filled with questions today!

@FRANK – recovering from injury, do you have a set week or two to “get back into it” that you can recommend?

Or is it just a few weeks of light, zone two spinning before I start my plan up again?

Thanks for everything you do!

How long have you been down for? Are you fully healed?

If you are fully healed just a couple of rides should be good and you can ramp back up to tempo and sweet spot. Depending on the duration of your time off the bike you may need to dial back your FTP. Sweet spot is good because it is not as physical exhausting and you can recover from it easier, even when out of shape.

After two of weeks of zone 2, sweet spot, burst, crisscross workouts you should be more than ready to continue with your plan. Of course this is dependent on being healed fully.

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Thanks Coach Jake!

I’ve been off for three weeks due to travel and then an injury. I think I’m pretty much healed…

Doing some light Zone Two and then SweetSpot for two weeks sounds like the right move before getting into my next plan.

Much appreciated!

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