Broken Collarbone, stuck on the trainer... YAY

I’m recently broke my collarbone and a couple of ribs (but I’m okay) Unfortunately that means no outside riding for me and mid-race season really makes things hard. I’m a weirdo and really like being on the trainer, so this isn’t going to be too difficult. My question is: what plan do you recommend? I know you have a “trainer plan,” but it looks like its only about 1hr workouts. One hour workouts aren’t enough to race in the P/1/2 fields. Before the accident, I was training about 12-16 hrs a week. THANKS!

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Daaaaarrrnnitt! Sorry. I jest but ‘your legs ain’t broke’ - meaning you can do really good training on the trainer. I broke my hand one year and remember watching the entire Giro pounding out VO2 and anaerobic intervals.

If you plan on racing as soon as you heal up an you don’t mind riding the trainer more than an hour just choose the sport specific/ discipline plan for what you are training for:[366]