Broke collarbone help

Purchased the 32 week plan and intended to start my year off right. Group ride on January 2nd and I struck a small object in the road that caused my front tire to explode, lose all control, and crash on my left side…totally bummed.

Despite the displaced break I feel ok and want to get back on the trainer. Thoughts or words of wisdom I should heed before doing so? I was thinking I would wait a few more days, but two full weeks off the bike is killing me.

Greetings from sunny Tampa, Florida

From my experience, drink a lot of calcium and get some time off the bike while you have broken collarbone. I broke it once and all the advises were to get rest and heal the bone.

Sorry for the bad crash! Have a fast recovery there! :slight_smile:

Sorry about the broken wing @darren.carlton - you are now in the ‘club’.

As I like to say, you’re ‘legs aren’t broke’ and when the pain subsides from your shoulder you will be able to ride the trainer just fine. I once did 6 weeks of VO2’s and anaerobic work on the trainer at the beginning of the summer with a broken hand, holding the handlebar with the good hand. Came off that break with really good form and went on to have a fun racing season the rest of the summer & Fall. You can too!

For inspiration here’s one of my favorite’s from Matt Hayman about a month or so before he won Paris Roubaix:

PMC Chart as well!


hang in there!

as already mentioned, it can all work out. it may trow you off balance now, but maybe it can be a blessing in disguise and lets you focus on specific training more and better.

all the best!

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