Returning from Injury

In late Auguast ‘19, I was involved in a vehicle vs. cyclist accident which resulted in broken tib-fib and some broken wrists. 7 months on I’m recovered and done with physical therapy and able to ride again. Is it best to start with a base training plan to rebuild fitness or perhaps strength training to rebuild muscle mass lost to atrophy? Not really hoping to race until ‘21.


Sorry to hear about the accident, thats awful. I would doable check with your PT to get a little more of a injury specific strength program put together. Then once everything is cleared and balanced then our strength program would be a good idea.
You could do our foundation plan while you make sure everything is balanced and dialed, then jump into our resistance program from there. ether our weight lifting for cycling plan or our 32 week plan that then transition into our base/SS plans.

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