Recovering from fractured ribs

So, on Sunday took a bit of a tumble and have fractured my ribs. Has anyone had any experience of recovering from this type of injury and how did you readjust your training plan. I was just completing SST2 and going into the CX Summer SST.

Any help much appreciated :blush:

Many thanks


Sorry to hear that! A frustrating injury as there is not much you can do for it other then give it time. In my past experiences and with my athletes you have to keep it pretty low key for weeks to keep the deep breathing down. For these I have found the recovery time varies by the athlete but its important to give it the time it needs. Of course consult your doc and take a little time off, then when you are ready I would do a base block to give it more time and keep the breathing controlled. Then from there you can jump back into your plans. hope this helps! Heal up!

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