Injury setbacks - how did you get through it?

Hey FasCat fam,

It finally happened. I broke my streak of injury free riding and put myself on the DL with a badly broken thumb. I had to have surgery and I’m healing up well, but looking for ways to stay motivated over the next 6 weeks before I can (lightly) ride again. The surgeon said it’ll be 3 months before I’m back to normal riding capability. Yeah, it was a bad break.

For those of you that have successfully overcome an injury, I’d love to hear what you did to stay as fit as possible. What kept you motivated? What were the 2-3 things you introduced to your lifestyle that prepared you for a successful return to the bike?

[welcoming all healing vibes so I don’t go nuts]

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Yo @ryancross sorry about your injury !

When are your goals? Thinking ahead that they are next year even if healthy you don’t need to be training that hard right now. Instead get into an annual training plan and right now in the Fall you are in off season mode - your off season just started prematurely early.

I’d get back on a training plan October 1st on the trainer following our Fall Foundation - you can do that on the trainer with a broken thumb. In fact, your legs aren’t broke ! Here’s your inspiration from Matthew Hayman

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I was off the bike for 1 year with a back injury back in 2010.

Two main things: 1: I won in the kitchen by eating clean and figured out the power of calorie dense food. I lost 20# and was lean for the 1st time in my life. I’m a classic mesomorph. I don’t lift upper body and people always ask me why I lift so much as a cyclist!

And 2: I spent a lot of time in the weight room due to rehab and made the connection how vital core strength and stability is not only to cycling but, in leading a healthy lifestyle. Understanding that core is basically shoulder to calf.

Thanks guys, the nutrition component is definitely something I’m focused on. I actually started this injury at my lowest weight in 6 years, so my goal is to focus on maintenance and creating new healthy eating habits.

I actually got the clear to ride the trainer this week, but I can’t sweat in my cast, so it’s all low intensity. I had 4 weeks completely off the bike following the injury and viewed that as my off-season and now I’m just super motivated to get back to building.

Since there aren’t any events any time soon, I’ve set my goals around a few Strava segments and just building my FTP to meet those goals, with the target of hitting 5.0 w/kg. I’m going to hop on the weight program as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Frank - since I can only ride low intensity to avoid sweating, do you think muscle tension intervals are a good idea right now, or should I hold off on those until I re-start the program?

And thanks for the Hayman photo! That inspired me to watch this video last night.

Muscle Tension Intervals are a great place to start along with basic zone 2 riding. As seen in our Fall Foundation plan.

But question: what kind of cast is this? And didn’t you break your thumb?

I am thinking you get a new cast that you can sweat in :sunglasses:. I broke my thumb once and had a ‘cast’ that was in 2 halves that I could take on an off. I would ride the trainer then rinse and dry off then velcro the cast back on. I also got to the point where I could ride one handed and hold the injured hand across my chest like I was pledging allegiance to the flag :slight_smile:


The fracture went all the way through the whole bone and the surgeon had to pin my thumb back together. So unfortunately that means that there are 2 metal pins sticking out of my hand for another month, and the infection risk is the issue, hence the no-sweating orders.

I’ve done 3 trainer rides so far, and with some extra fans, I can ride in Z2/Z3 without sweating too much which is nice.

I’ll definitely start incorporating the MT’s and get on the Fall foundation as soon as I can get back to outdoor riding. Hopefully those MT’s on the trainer don’t break me, I can’t risk trainer burnout in September :joy:

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Ah @ryancross - ye ol external pins - been there.

The docs are always super worried about the point of the pins getting infected - rightly so. It is late Summer - you aren’t racing till Next Spring at the earliest - do some easy rides**, use a HUGE fan to dry the sweat and otherwise looks past when the doc pulls those pins out.

** 45 -60 min in z2, 3x’s a week.