Last Minute Cyclocross Training

Five weeks ago I got into a really bad wreck where I broke a lot of shit while mountain biking and will be off the bike for another 3-4 weeks before I’m cleared to ride again. Obviously this completely torches my plans for cyclocross, but I’d still like to be able to race the last 2-3 races of the season. I’m not expecting fireworks, but I’d also like to not embarrass myself.

Once I’m cleared to ride, what training/training plan should I look into to make the most out of what little will be left of the season before looking toward 2020?

Hmmm… I’d say that depend on what sh*t you broke and if that impacts your ability to do cx run workouts or not?

Everything I broke was in my upper body (elbows, wrists, etc). The reason I can’t ride is because my arms aren’t strong enough to support my upper body, not even on a trainer yet.

Get the six weeks to cyclocross plan and start doing the running, strength and conditioning and plyo’s now and then you can begin the plan when you are ready. Also since your legs aren’t broke you can do some of the workouts on the trainer

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