Base to Race and vacation in between

Hi, I have my A race on May 17 i have followed The foundations and resistance plans through winter and now in the 18 weeks of sweet spot plan. I have uploaded the FONDO intermediate plan into training peaks its starts 4/7 and ends on race day 5/17, the sweet spot over laps for 4 weeks into the fondo plan.

So my questions are:

  1. Do I stop the sweet spot when the fondo (race plan) starts ?
  2. For the first week on the overlap its spring break and i will be in Scottsdale Arizona with my gravel bike, does it make sense to do double workouts (the base and race plans)? I also usually mountain bike when I’m in Scottsdale (its just so nice to MTB there) does it make sense to mountain bike while on race plane for a fondo? Or should i only log in road miles?


I would stop the sweet spot plan and follow the fondo plan. However I would skip the first week of the fondo plan. That includes a field test that you may not need since you have done one recently with the sweet spot plan. Make sure you do have a regeneration week after a 3 week build so it may take some shuffling around of weeks.

Ideally you could just take a regeneration week after your trip to AZ. During your trip to AZ you should be logging in miles, especially if you have been in a winter climate. Just a great time to take advantage of that. You can include MTB riding into this! Don’t limit yourself to just one bike. If you are there for a week there is plenty of time for all.


After adjusting the plan and removing double workouts from plan overlap I end up with a CTL of 68 for the race, before it was 92, does it make sense to do extra workouts and log on TSS, if yes should i do in form of zone 2 endurance or sweet spot.

Are you doing the intermediate plan or basic plan? Does seem like it is coming out low. Do you have planned TSS for your training camp? That should give it a really good boost.

You should add some time in zone 2 on the weekends, make the simulation rides longer on the weekends to build up to the duration of your Fondo.

I’m doing the basic in sweet spot and intermediate on race plan, the vacation I’m taking isn’t a camp just a family vacation with some riding.
Adding zone 2 on weekends is right after my regular rides? Our in another session?