Arranging plan for March race

Looking for some advice on arranging/purchasing plans for important races in March and July.

Im currently in week 6 of the 10 weeks of resistance training and own the 18 weeks of sweet spot. If all goes well I am looking to get my best time at a 50 mile marathon mtb race in March and complete my first 100 mile mtb race in July.

How would you recommend going about arranging plans? After finishing the resistance should I do 12 weeks of the sweet spot plan before the race or do some 6 weeks of the plan and then move to a 6 week interval plan. After the first race there is 18 weeks until the 100 miler… same question… do I go back into sweet spot for 12 weeks and then 6 weeks of intervals before the race?


You will want some interval training before the 50 mile mountain bike race so you will need to shorten your sweet spot to 6 weeks. My suggestion is doing the middle 6 weeks of the 18 week plan I.e sweet spot 2. Then doing the mountain bike marathon plan.

After that go back to sweet spot for 12 weeks. Doing the last 12 weeks of the 18 week sweet spot plan. Make sure you do give yourself a week rest between the 50 mile race and the start of the 12 week plan. Then complete our 100 mile mountain bike plan.

That should set you up nicely!

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What ^^ Coach @Jake said + this podcast we recored on the subject. Aka what phases of training to do for how long in relation to how many weeks you have till your goal event:

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Thanks @Jake / @FRANK