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My original race schedule is changing a bit from what I planned when starting the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot. I planned to complete this plan and then the Gravel Training plan or Hill Climbing Intervals before a late-June race. Now I am looking at a climby gravel Hundo on the first Saturday of June. I am in March of ‘19’ right now in the Pod, so sorry if this was more addressed since then and I haven’t caught up. There was good information on switching from base to race and designing your own plan in the last few pods for sure! With the new schedule, I have 5 weeks from the end of the plan until race day. With the information from the pod, I feel like I should cut 2 weeks out of the Sweet Spot plan somewhere to gain the time I need for the 6-week plan. The question is cut it from parts 1, 2, or 3 is one more beneficial or detrimental than another? I am having no problems with the early workouts; in fact, have had to reign myself back to #FtFp. This is the first time I have been on a plan and have always self-coached in the past.
Thanks in advance, I have really enjoyed listening to the pod and reading the forums to this point.

I don’t really know that I would classify this as the A race, I plan to race until late September. Perhaps, I am best to not change my plans and just use that hundo as a long ride at week 4 or 5 of the gravel plan. Whatever feedback from those that are used to following plans would be appreciated.

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Hiya @tim.cahhal - I think you answered your own question there :wink:

Stay the course > complete all the sweet spot > use this B or C race as a hard group/sweet spot/TSS ride and keep FtFP’ing and then switch from base to race.

Let us know if you have an additional question! Thanks for listening to the pod - if you could leave us a review on iTunes that would help us greatly :pray:

or here

I Will do that, thanks! Excited to be a part of the group and experience the prescribed workouts.

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