Entered "The Rift" for 2021

I just turned 48. In my 30s I raced in TMBRA and did fairly well. Dabbled in road group rides as well. I since opened a business and sold my Orbea. I missed riding too much and bought a Gravel bike in March. I had not rode in about 7 years. On the way home from buying the bike I entered a 100 mile race (Renegade Rambler) that was 3 days away. So with about 1/2 mile on a bike and not riding in 7 years I finished in about 11 hours.

I have been inconsistent in riding and felt I needed a goal. So I entered “The Rift” for 2021

What training plan will suit me best. I want to be able to finish in between 7-9 hours (17mph-13mph average)
Thank you, Love the podcast.

Thanks for listening @rusty !

Do our 32 week off season plan and then our gravel plan :ok_hand: - that’s 38 weeks so factor in a few weeks (if necessary) for illness or ‘life’ and work backwards for when to start!