Which Gravel Plan to choose?

Hello, I’m just finishing up my 16-week SS plan. I’m ready to purchase the Gravel training plan and start it next week in preparation for Unbound XL. I’ve been doing the intermediate SS plan. Two questions: 1) Would it be best to suck it up and shift to the advanced gravel plan (16-20 hours), given the XL’s length? 2) Gravel plan comes in “flat” and “hilly.” Best to go for “hilly?”

Hi @Jeff_in_Japan - nice work finishing up the 16 weeks of sweet spot base.

If you have the time and suspect that you can recover (how old are you?) then YES the advanced is the way to go for the XL.

Do the ‘flat’ bc the hilly is designed for the long sustained climbs we have out here in the Rocky Mtn’s. The ‘flat’ will have plenty of anaerobic work to get you up and over those Flint Hills - GOOD LUCK!

Thanks, Frank.

I’ll go with your recommendation and follow the advanced/flat plan, then.
FWIW, I’m 54. Despite my advanced age, I think (hope) I should be okay on recovery. I’ll just dial back some of the run training I’ve been doing on the side.

X-nay the running-ay and you’ll recover even more/better and that should give you the ability to do the advanced quite well!