Weight belt? Trying to FTfP weight plan

Doing hypertrophy now but having minor low back issues. Not disc or significant muscular strain, but erector spinae are a little inflamed on right side (i think iliocostalis). I know it isnt anything too serious (i am MD). I have just been doing what plan says mostly but since it seems to be recurring mild/mod pain each day after i lift i took Today off and did muscle tension intervals instead. I would prefer to be injury free but less strong i just want to ride/Do fondos w lots of climbing/lose weight.

What i really should do is strengthen my core in long term but could a weight belt help me finish the plan taking some load off my back? I know i have pretty decent squat form and have been focusing on that despite my minor nagging issue.

Could weight belt be a temporary fix or should i just try to maybe reduce intensity/rest/focus on form and FTfP?


Hi @peterthornhill-7147 - I don’t think a weight belt will help, sorry. As I understand it weight belts are actually crutches and the CSCS experts I’ve talked with about squats recommend against them.

Perhaps edit your plan to give yourself a 2-4 day squat free block and then come back to the squat - with lower weight, better form and resume #FtFP’ing :muscle:

Hope that helps - Cry in the DoJo!