Foundation Video Link

The video link for Foundation work (posterior chain) looks to no longer available:

Follow this routine:

I have found this very helpful and effective for me to follow. The routine is counter intuitive so I rely on the video instruction and not it is gone. Any help getting access to this again on You Tube?


Here is the best new link that we could find. :



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Thanks for that link @Isaiah. I was just looking for this video earlier today. I posted a comment on one of their more more recent videos asking why they had been taken down. I would note however that this isn’t on the official Foundation Training Channel, so who knows how long it will be up.

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Thanks for the heads up - have heard this alot in the last 36 hours. Appears the Foundations people took it down. I can confirm the link Coach @Isaiah shared it the exact same video. So go with for it now. Such is the life when curating content from youTube,…

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Thanks so much. I found this short video short spot on and very helpful in working with my lower back issues that I encounter periodically. I am so glad you point people to this, very helpful.

OH! Thank you, Isaiah! I just noticed this was gone today as well. Thought I had it memorized but I missed a few steps. Good to see there’s new link to the original video still out there. Looks like Dr. Goodman really wants us to start spending some actual $$ on his website. I don’t really blame him.

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Also here, maybe higher resolution than original YouTube link.

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Seems like all the YouTube links are gone. The one on their site is still accessible though:

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