Baby is there, and now time is gone . What "Trainingplan" would be the best?

Hi there,

I have recently become a father, which has reduced my training time enormously.
In order not to lose my fitness completely, I would like to know what is the best thing to do?
I used to do the /Sweetsport Plan/Road Intervals and Hill climb Plan and this jear I startet the seassion with weight lifting. But I’m not sure which plan or which methods would be the best for me now, to maintain fitness?

At the moment (I hope it gets better) I have about 4 hours per week to train on the bike. Currently I do 1 hour sweet spot twice a week and on weekends I try to do at least 2 hours of low intensity (zone 2-3) in the morning before breakfast. (I jused to train arround 10-15h per week).

What would be your recommendations to keep fit in the very short time available ?, to not to reduce fitness too much? is SST the right choice? or shoudl I rather do some harder Intervals to increase TSS?

Looking forward to some tips.

P.s. Iam 36 and like to ride fast and race (well not 2020).

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Congratulations on fatherhood @matthiasmenzel -

Given that timing is everything and you are in ‘on season’ mode training for next Spring (at the earliest) you have time to adopt a low volume approach to your training.

Methodically go thru the 10 weeks of weight lifting if you can and if not sweet spot part 4. Remember the key workouts there are the Wednesday 3 > 4 > 5 VO2 progressions and the hard (yet shorter) Saturday sweet spot AmEx rides.

You will keep fit but staying on a plan and adopting it to the time you have. Then maybe next Spring you’ll settle into the rigors of being a Dad and be able to carve out 6 hours, maybe 8 per week and progress that way.

Hope that helps!


Hey Frank,

thanks for ur feedback! :star_struck:
Unfortunately, we have another Lockdown situation here in Germany and there will be no Gym for me. But I will try going for the 3,4,5 VO2 Intervals 1x per week, combined with 2-3h of Sweetspot, and Zone 2. Ideally, I will do:

Mo: Yoga/Strength 25min. (That I can do in the evening or morning)
Tu: Rest (or 1h SS riding when time)
We: VO2s, 1h
Th: Yoga / Strength, 25min
Fr: Rest (or 1h Temo or SS burst if time)
Sa, or Su: Z2-Z3, 2h In the morning before breakfast

I will do it 3 weeks and then do a “easy” week until I do the 3 weeks again?

I hope that way I can maintain some fitness until I start to train for LBL latest beginning of March.

If this plan looks totally stupid feel free to let me know.



Like I was saying in my first post, I suggest either sweet spot part 4 with the 3 > 4 > 5 VO2 ‘fresher is faster’ progression. That plan is ‘DadWatts’ friendly.

OR Better for long term success our at home weight lifting plan