ATP and strength plan with winter races

I’m new to FasCat this year and really enjoying the cyclocross plans. I’ve been racing since the 90s and have ATPs in TrainingPeaks going back to 2004! I always incorporate strength training but have never done an intense 10 week weights block like the FasCat plan (usually follow more the Friel approach of 1-2 days in the gym year round). I’m having a hard time figuring out when to fit it in. I usually do a 5 week short track series in January-February, 1-2 MTB or road races a month from March-September, then cyclocross October-November. Obviously there’s a lot of B and C races in there that I train through, and usually pick 1 or 2 races during different parts of the year as As. I’m interested in doing the 30 week offseason plan with weights, thinking I would start it in mid-December after a break from cross, but is it realistic to race short track during the weights phase in Jan-Feb (even as B events)?

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Right on @alanwages - think this comes down to your goals and what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve them!

Are you willing to let the results of your short tracks ‘go’ in order to achieve more fitness and power for next Spring? IF so then the 30 week off season is for you :rocket:


I did the FasCat weights program for the first time this year. My legs were completely wooden for about 9 weeks straight. Not until late in the hypertrophy phase did Imy legs begin to fill snappy again. In 2022 I don’t plan to race at all during the weights phase.


Sounds like a good plan @FRANK, my short track “results” haven’t been much to get excited about in the last few years anyway haha.