At Home Lifting Plan & 16 Week SS Plan

Hi Fascat community,

I am currently midway into the 10 week at home lifting plan, and I would like to know what size jump box is recommended for the “Power Phase.”

Additionally, I plan to jump right into the 16 week sweet spot plan, and would like to know what would be the best way to structure the very first week in order to have the 20 min field test on a Saturday instead of a Tuesday.

Thanks in advance

Hey @ivan.alatorre-
For the box jumps, if you’ve never done them, I’d recommend starting with a 12 inch box, then progress up to 16 or 24 inches. If you think you’re a pretty good jumper, you can start with 20-24inches.
If you’re looking to buy one for yourself, there are many out there that have multiple different heights- just depends on which side you set it on. See this example:

As for adjusting your training plan, if you just want to modify the first week rather than push the whole plan forward (which would change your weekend rides to mid-week), you can do mostly zone 2 riding throughout the week, but add in a few sprints (10 seconds max) to a zone 2 ride on Tuesday to fire up the fast twitch fibers, but also give you time to recover. Then on Friday, ride 45-60 mins with a few openers closer to LT effort. 3 mins at tempo, then 2-3 minutes at threshold would be sufficient, or you can also build effort from tempo to threshold. Double the work time to get your rest interval. Remember it’s better to go into a test a little over-rested than a little over-trained!

Got it, thank you coach Suzie!

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