Gyms closed with two weeks of weight lifting plan left

So I have two weeks left on the ten week weight lifting plan and all the gyms in Pennsylvania have been closed (actually quite surprised I made it this far). My first thought is to finish the week as planned and then move on to Sweet Spot part1. Does this make the most sense? In a related question, I have Sweet Spots part 1-3 intermediate and i was wondering if they could be swapped for the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot intermediate ?
Thanks in advance, I love the plans.

Hey @markpodgurski !
Do you have any equipment to do some work at home? If not I would say to move on to your sweet spotting. I am honestly pretty surprised that y’all had gyms fully open for this long.

Unfortunately, those three plans are not interchangeable as the plans are tailored with the rest weeks built in so you would have to buy that plan. However you can make your 3 plans flow together though by doing the following:

  1. Do SS part 1
  2. Roll directly into SS part 2, but instead of the Field test, do 2 x 20 minute sweet spot.
  3. Move the regeneration week in SS part 2 up form week 4 to week 2 of the sweet spot 2 plan (aka week 8).
  4. Then do weeks 2, 3 and 5. (Now you are at 11 weeks)
  5. Repeat the regeneration week from week 4 (this will be week 12).
  6. Start with week 6 & roll into SS part 3. Again do 2 x 20 minute sweet spot instead of the Field test.

Hey @markpodgurski - I actually would use plyometric jumps in place the jump squats as an alternative workout.

Stay the course with the standing starts and use single legged split squat jumps, & box jumps in place of your “Power” gym days.

We can make this adjustment for you with our Coaching Subscription


Thank @Lacey_Rivette and @FRANK. I like the idea of finishing with the exercises you recommended. I will rearrange my calendar as you suggest, Lacey. Thanks for the help and a coaching subscription may be in the cards after the new year.

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