Plyometrics days

On the 6 weeks to CX plan, there are two and three activity days. Most of the time the order doesn’t matter, but I’m curious how y’all do you plyometrics and standing starts days. Plyos first or will that just kill your legs for the standing starts?

Obviously I’m a newbie to Fascat and planned training in general. I appreciate your thoughts!

Hey @joel.mcelhany! My suggestion is to do the plyos after your ride. Immediately after would be best and then start your recovery process. I hope this helps!

Thanks Dwight! Yes, that helps. Also, I know this wont change your advice, but I realized I cited the wrong plan in my original post. Currently, I’m on the summer sweet spot plan. I’ll start 6 weeks in August.

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Yep, not change in advice. Hippity hop!

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