Plyo jump box recommendations

Any recommendations on either DIY or buying a relative inexpensive but good plyo jump box? The foam ones on Amazon caught my eye. Anybody make one using dense foam from a hardware store? My jump height is pretty low. Our gym reopened awhile ago (outside) and my recollection is they have standard metal ones and they are all a bit too high for me at this point. Last night I got creative and MacGyver’d it using a low cement block, not ideal but got the job done.

I dont own one myself @bsquared but I have a few items from this company and they are all great. I have been eyeing this one as the foam seems a lot less likely to jack up your shins – so that is personally what I would go for!

I’m looking at that as well. Kicking myself for throwing out a shipping box a couple months ago. Believe it had about eight inches of dense foam to protect contents (furniture or TV, I don’t recall). Seems like that plus a thin board and a couple old beach towels would be a good/cheap MacGyver solution. I’m going to check with some friends that work in shipping box industry (mostly wine boxes). The thicker dense foam at Home Depot starts around $50 and goes up from there.

Time to go back to gym and have a look, everything is outside and they always had a lot of cleaning supplies so I’m not paranoid about going back. If the gym is a shin buster, and I can’t engineer something from scrap material, I’ll go for that Yes4All.

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Speaking of Home Depot -I saw this recommended on YouTube if you’re not looking for something on the higher side.



Interesting and thanks - coincidentally I need to replace one at the garden box.

These are the ones I want…

but $225 for a 12" is reason for a gym recon mission this evening.

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Winner winner with TRX foam jump boxes.