Almost done w/Heavy Things

I’m just entering the Power Phase for the weight lifting and wondering what should I focus on once I’m done with picking things up and putting them down again? I have SS 1 & 2 in my quiver and have done them before. Should I re-up and just do SS 1 & 2 or go for 3?

Yes but maybe no - depends on your timing - what are you training for and when is it?

Well, that’s a good question BigCat. Right now I don’t have any “events” planned for 2021 but there is a weekly Sat morning group ride. My goal has been I’d like to finish with the “A” group once the ride re-starts, likely in mid-late May. Really looking for a suggestion re: next plan to initiate. But I will listen to your recommended podcast…sounds interesting.

Sounds like you have a pretty solid training background! With 10 weeks until those group rides start, I would suggest following up your resistance training with SS part 2 and then part 3. Part 3 will start your transition from “base to race” which you will hear frank talk about in that podcast. You can continue on with SS part 4 if you still do not have racing on the horizon and then jump into race specific intervals, which if you have no races planned could be our Strava KOM plan! :ok_hand:t3:

Thanks for the suggestions Lacey. I’ve been eyeing the SS Parts III and IV for a bit. Will likely rewind SS II and then pick up III. I’ve not looked at the Strava KOM plan, sounds interesting, albeit I’m not much for getting crowns :crown:… heck, I count myself lucky if I happen to steal a cup while drafting off a friend. :trophy::coffee:

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Of course, that is what I am here for!
If you live somewhere with ton of heavy hitters, it can be tough to get up on the leaderboards. But that sure as heck doesn’t mean you cant set some PR’s. Heck you might even get a “local legend” if you go after it enough times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: