SweetSpot and Gym training

Hi !

I’m starting SS part 3 with good improvent so far since offseason +40W (sitting on 353W @ 75Kg). Good job guys !

But due to closed gyms in january I had to stop my last week of Hypertrophy phase. (So I didn’t start the gym explosive phase)

Since gyms are now open Here’s my question:

Should I put on hold SS part 3 and complete gym phase where I left and then continue SS part 3?
Should I just carry on SS Part 3 and forget gym training ?
Would you recomend to try fit the gym explosive phase along SS part3?

For context I’m 28 on High Volume SS training plan and my A goal is still quite far (end of summer).

I just don’t want to leave watts on the table :slight_smile:

Best regards fastcat nation

Hey Pedro! I would advise just sticking to your plan for now. SS part 3 starts your transition from base to race and if you start off doing explosive gym work in conjunction with your bike workouts you will cook your legs. Focus on your riding as that is going to reward you with the most watts come race day.

You can complete the entire off season resistance training this upcoming off season :slight_smile:

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Perfect !

Thanks for your reply !