Adjusting Training Peaks plans

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
I currently have the weights + base plan along with the 18 weeks of sweet spot. I want to remove the first six weeks of the 18-SS plan, since I will already have 6 weeks of base from the weights=base plan.
Is there an easy way to adjust this in training peaks or is it all manual - delete, drag and drop?



Hi Robert!

Your best option is to remove the last 6 weeks of the weights + base plan. That is actually sweet spot 2 which would be the middle 6 weeks of the 18 week plan. Doing the 18 week plan following the resistance training is the best way to go! That is the way our 32 week off season plan is designed.

The best option is to just click on the menu on the far right of your TrainingPeaks calendar. Here you can click delete for the whole week. Do that for the 6 weeks. Then when you apply the 18 week plan have the start date for the Monday following the resistance plan.

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Awesome thanks for the feedback


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