Bought combination plan, possible to get it split out?

I have one of your mega combination plans ( Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Off Season Plan - 32), would it be too much to ask to get access to each of the sweet spot plans 1-3 so it’ll be easier to add and move around in training peaks?

I only ask because as I was just playing with making a schedule, and training peaks web ui seems to get reeeeally unhappy when you make a lot of mass changes with that many weeks as I went to try different start on or end on dates to try to get things lined up correctly.

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I sent an email for a similar thing Thursday. Haven’t heard back but hoping it pans out.

Hi guys - to get the plans split out like that individually you would have to buy, sorry.

That is because you can easily cut, copy and paste entire 6 week blocks out if you want

:bulb: ah. makes sense. thanks frank!

Is there a way to delete the remaining blocks or is it only able to be done by weeks at most?

You can only delete weeks at a time.

Or you could unapply the Training Plan but that would Delete it all and no way to just choose weeks to keep.

Lesson learned, buy individually. Thanks for responding.