Adjusting training for holidays

Dear collective wisdom,

Today, I am scheduled to begin the hypertrophy phase of my resistance plan. With the holiday, I have a bunch of traveling. Should I do what I can, and keep the plan scheduled as is – missing a few workouts? Or, should I push the plan forward a week, so as not to miss any of the workouts, thus starting the hypertrophy phase next week? Or, even better, should I just skip going to the in-laws (ha-ha)?

happy holidays, all!

I would recommend doing another week of adaptation fitting in as you can. It’s more important to be on schedule for hypertrophy. But by doing a few lifts still you stay accustomed to that and should keep you from getting really sore after that first workout back. So push everything else a week forward.

Frank would recommend to find a way and #FtFP which is always the right answer.

All are great options @robert.walsh!

This would depend on when your goals are and if you have a week to push the hypertrophy forward but if your goals are far out > 18 weeks definitely push forward a week so you get those adaptations in. Then do what you can for this week, whether that’s Zwift, Peloton, spin class, etc… No running tho - that’s how cyclists injure themselves.

Keep up with your YogaGlo, Foundations and REVO - you can do that from anywhere in the world. Happy Holidays! :santa:

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