Holiday binge-riding during strength/30-week off season plan

My holiday plans include a week of binge riding over Thanksgiving (Saturday to Saturday) and more than a week of binge riding for Xmas to NY - Thursday before Xmas through following Monday after NY.

So, given I am just not gonna FTFP, I just want a reality check how to modify.

Thanksgiving falls on the 2nd week of Adaptation. Xmas-NY falls on Strength 1 & 2 if I don’t adjust anything.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

For the Adaptation part over TG, do some MTIs during the week (this is a high volume, high climbing bike camp vacation), and then restart where I left off, pushing the plan forward a week.

That pushes the Xmas break to start in the the middle of 2nd Hypertrophy week. I can probably complete the Hyerptrophy week 2, and then can I just wait a week (with a ton of riding) and then start Strength? Or will that just blow all the work from Hypertrophy? I could restart with Hypertrophy instead, splitting Hypertrophy 2 into two weeks, or doing week 2 of Hypertrohpy a second time.

tldr: I’ll take a one week pause during adaptation, then take a one week break between Hypertrophy and Strength. Is there something i could do to make that better?


Hey Anna,

Do you have a specific goal event near the end of your 30 week plan or do you have some room to extend the plan a bit? I am thinking the best way forward is re-doing the last session of resistance training before moving on to a new phase, after each binge week. Also, if these binge weeks are considerably more volume than you’re used to, you may need to factor in additional regeneration weeks depending on how you feel and where you’re positioned within each block when you do them.

Hi Andrew - thanks for the reply. I have wiggle room at the end of the plan, my goal events are CO State TT in June (probably) and Masters Nats TT in August (probably).

The binge weeks will be lots of extra volume. So maybe a couple recovery days then repeat the second half of the previous week?

When you say re-do the last session - you mean, just one day, not the whole week, right?

Hey @Anna - you have to be careful like @CoachAndrew is saying.

We are big fans of using holiday vacation blocks for training blocks! We especially use custom training plan design for our 1x1 coached athletes during the 4 day T-giving block to help cx athletes peak for nationals and the Xmas> NYE block to build base.

As a training plan athlete - who’s timing is not until next June and August - ask yourself what are you hoping to accomplish by not following what we know ‘works’ a la the binge riding?

Is that for social fun, is it junk miles or are you out there being productive? We’ve podcasted a LOT about the benefits of the Festive500.

The recovery weeks are what you are going to need to factor in next if you do a bunch of riding. Totally do-able but its another customization/training plan edit

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