Getting sick during weights+base

Hi everyone! First time poster here. I hope everyone’s holidays went well. Unfortunately mine didn’t go so well ending 2019 and caught some nasty bug before new years eve. I’ve completed week 1 of the hypertrophy phase before I got sick. I probably have a few more days until I am recovered enough to continue training. I was wondering if I should go back to the beginning of week 1 of the hypertrophy phase, go back to adaptation for a week and go straight into week 2 of the hypertrophy phase, or continue into week 2 of the hypertrophy phase?


Depends on how your long term goal and where your A race is at. You don’t want to push things too far back if you need to get to base training and interval training.

If you have time on your hand I would recommend doing a few adaptation workouts before jumping right back into Hypertrophy. This way you get your legs use to the weight training again. If you went right into Hypertrophy it might be a challenge to get through the first day let alone the second day to follow.

Sorry to hear you got sick! But it happens to most at least once a year. Just a slight hiccup in a years long work. It’s good that you are focusing on recovering! No reason to panic.

Happy New Year!