Adjusting Strava PR Plan (FastCat Users)

Hey FasCat users. I’m looking to adjust a plan. In truth, this is a question for the coaches, but while I am intending to sign up for coaching subscription next year, I can’t do it currently. Thus, looking for feedback if any others encountered this.

I’m finishing base training and hopping into the Strava PR plan (intermediate). There are 5 bike workouts a week. I can only do 4 (3-indoor, 1-long outdoor).

Each week is basically:
1 - FRC/Threshold type workout
1 - SS w/ bursts
1 - SS (longer 15min type intervals)
1 - Tempo (longer ride)
1 - Strava Efforts or Group Ride (longer ride)

In your experience, would it be better to do the SS intervals, that are generally in the longer 3x and 4x 15 range, or the tempo workout, which are generally in the 25-30 minute interval length? Or, would it be better to drop the SS bursts and eliminate a day of intensity since I’ll be dialing up KOM attempts on the weekend as part of the plan?

Thanks for any feedback.