Including VO2 club ride in Phil's Strava > 15mn plan

Hi all - I have a weekly club ride which has one climb around 6mn and two climbs around 4.5mn (at full gas). Given (1) I don’t want to skip the club ride for social etc reasons and (2) I’d like to complete the > 15mn plan, what do you think my best option is to make this work?

Is it such a terrible idea to switch one of the sweet spot interval sessions for VO2 session in this plan (given week 6 does do this anyway)? Or am I better off trying to do the climbs at sweet spot but for shorter periods than the 7mn/8mn/9mn that the plan requires, even pushing over the top of the climb for example?

Hi @Armadillo - I’d do your club ride and go with the flow and hit that climb hard with the group - really go for it and test out your climbing legs.

Watch this too :slight_smile:

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Nice one thanks, great clip which I had watched last night, exactly the topic I wanted to know about + was hoping this was the answer.


The weekend Strava segment intervals for this plan are 15mn x3, what if my chosen climb is longer, say 45mn? Does the 3x15mn still apply or am I on the wrong plan?

Not sure I can do 3x45mn with each one full gas.

If you did 3x45 min efforts, you would exceed the planned time for the workout. Is it possible for you to simply do the climb for 15 minutes and then descend for your 7.5 minute recovery and then repeat that 2 more times? These efforts should be in sweet spot too, not full gas.
Later in this plan you start to increase your time for sweet spot, doing up to 2x30 minutes

Is this 45 min segment the one you are chasing for your strava PR? If so, there is the option in the plan to do the segment on your saturday rides.

Thanks & sorry I was not clear: I am talking about the Saturday “Strava segment intervals” which has 3x15mn full gas with reducing intensity and sweet spot as a fall back. Think this increases to 5x15mn by the end of the plan.

Just wondering whether the 15mn on the Saturday ride is fixed (i.e. it doesn’t matter how long my target climb is). Clearly 5x45mn on the Saturday is not achievable so I’m probably answering my own question!!

Plan looks great btw, never done structured training before and feel like I have reached a plateau, so expecting big things =D