Strava Segment Intervals

I’ m in the second week of the Basic version of Phil’s Strava PR Plan for Segments < 15 minutes. I see that there are Strava Segment Intervals to complete this weekend. My question is whether this workout is one that I complete in addition to the group ride on Saturday, or is it an option to complete it instead of the group ride on Saturday, or 2 X 20 Tempo intervals on Sunday? I’m really enjoying the plan, just want to be certain that I FTFP. Thanks.

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Hey @morgangrover13 - so the Saturday you are referencing is an either/or scenario.

Do a weekend group ride or the Strava Segment Intervals.

IOW if you have a group ride and want to ride with your friends, go have some fun and ride hard that way. If you don’t have a group ride, do the Strava Segment Intervals.

Either way you can’t go wrong!

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Thanks so much - will do.

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