A new, New Athlete Questionnaire

Hi FasCats -

We have a new, New Athlete Questionnaire if you are coaching curious or have been thinking about hiring a coach!

Its fairly in depth but should take less than 10 minutes. Let us know if you have any questions about it

Thank you admin/coaches for accepting :blush:. I’m really excited for the plans and to ride faster. I bought a climbing and stage racing intervals training plan for my upcoming stage race on October 14-16.

My 8 weeks base plan will end on August 7, next week will be my last base week (recovery week). Can someone help me to plot my plans (climbing and stage) that will start on August 8. I have 9 weeks to go :roll_eyes:.

Thank you :pray:

Hi Coach @Jake @FRANK my A race will be on October 14-16 (stage race). My base plan end today. I do have a climbing stage plan and stage race plan.

Is it okay to complete the 6 weeks of climbing plan followed by the week 3, 5 and 6 of stage race plan?

Or do you have any suggestions pls?

Thank you