6 weeks till 'Cross Program - Week 1, Day 3

Hi Coaches,

TP lists a 1 x 7 min. CX mock course effort followed by intervals for a total workout duration of 90 min. Which do I do 1st?


You should follow as stated!


-Coach Allie

Any harm in doing intervals 1st? If I were to (using your words) “FTFP!!!”, I’d be @ full gas, race pace for 7 min. w/ absolutely zero warm up. Or, is that the intention?

I did this workout last week. It has ~35 minutes warmup before the 1x7 minute lap.

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Weird. My TP calendar shows the 1x7 on a mock course then 1:23 of interval work. :thinking:

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you definitely have time before the workout to ride- check your workout builder, it should look like this:

then you head into your intervals!

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