How to keep intervals under control?

(Submitted by athlete via email)

Top of the day to you young folks,

I’ve been doing the cx bundle package,is it’s been a little over two years since I’ve done any hard racing. But we had a small local race here last weekend, I did better than I or anyone else thought I could, being a bit older it takes a bit longer to get the motor moving, first lap hard, second lap calmed down, third started picking off other (younger) racers, fourth and fifth laps about the same, sixth was very fast, and very happily tried. Thank you!

Now a question on the Tuesday schedule it been asking for 15 sec all out 440 watts, it’s hard but I just get there then the 45 sec at 330 watts, I make it for about maybe 10 sec then explode, and then fight hard to get the 2 min at 250 watts and the final 4 minutes at 220 watts, so want can I do to help get the second part of the work out ,45 sec more under control, I know it’s very important to hit or get close to the intensity, thoughts??
I’m using feedback rollers, and virtual power.

Oh, I finished 3rd overall in the race.
Thanks again and look forward to seeing your reply!

@Isaiah @Jake @FRANK – you cats have any good advice for this fella? :slight_smile:

So this sounds like the CX start workout. Ideally you have a park you set up a mock course and race one lap (6 - 8 minutes) full gas like you would for the start of any race. Full gas from the line, hold a hard pace to get to the first obstacle and then basically race pace the rest of the effort.

So looks like you are doing these indoors. So remember your power will most likely be a little lower indoors than compared to outdoors. So go into TrainingPeaks into the workout builder and check the power targets for your interval.

First 15 seconds should be full gas i.e 200% of FTP
45 seconds at Zone 6 (130%+ of FTP )
2 minutes at Zone 5 (105% - 130% of FTP)
4 minutes at Zone 4 (95 - 105% of FTP0

So those are the targets and ranges. Indoors shoot for the lower end of the targets and see if that helps you finish off strong. But that first 1 minute should be off of feel. It will be much harder indoors to sprint on rollers but start from the slowest speed you can and get at it. Don’t look at power and then settle in. It is going to be hard but as you know the first race of every cross race you have done is hard.

It does sound like you would benefit from this workout as well! Get off to a better start so you don’t have to pass so many riders and can be closer to the top step of the podium. Maybe can be with 1st and 2nd going into the closing laps of the race and can make a move for the win.