24 Week CX Offseason to 6 Weeks Until Cross


The last Saturday of the “24-week cx off-season” plan, and the first Saturday of the “6 weeks until cross” plan both have a 20-minute power test (with commensurate regeneration/easy week)

I am sure the two plans are designed to go together… and I assume I should only do one test… How do I adjust? Or not?

It’s two separate plans otherwise I wouldn’t even ask, I would #ftfp.

Thank you.

Haha, you are correct sir - one test. The plans can be FtFP’ed stand alone thus your double field test with the two plans.

Let’s us know how much improvement you made and good luck with your training!

I’m on 24 week CX plan, I have this planned Friday- Sweet Spot Over-Unders 4 x 5 minutes. Should i do these on a 5% hill that takes 7 minutes (Torrey Pines, San Diego) or on a flat loop around Fiesta Island?

Thank You.

Try the flat one… that way you can maintain watts in between each high effort

Agreed with @traxxtar. As we get closer to the season, when you are doing intervals for cross it’s better to do the intervals on flat to rolling terrain…like a cross course!

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