24 Week CX Offseason to 6 Weeks Until Cross


The last Saturday of the “24-week cx off-season” plan, and the first Saturday of the “6 weeks until cross” plan both have a 20-minute power test (with commensurate regeneration/easy week)

I am sure the two plans are designed to go together… and I assume I should only do one test… How do I adjust? Or not?

It’s two separate plans otherwise I wouldn’t even ask, I would #ftfp.

Thank you.

Haha, you are correct sir - one test. The plans can be FtFP’ed stand alone thus your double field test with the two plans.

Let’s us know how much improvement you made and good luck with your training!

I’m on 24 week CX plan, I have this planned Friday- Sweet Spot Over-Unders 4 x 5 minutes. Should i do these on a 5% hill that takes 7 minutes (Torrey Pines, San Diego) or on a flat loop around Fiesta Island?

Thank You.

Try the flat one… that way you can maintain watts in between each high effort

Agreed with @traxxtar. As we get closer to the season, when you are doing intervals for cross it’s better to do the intervals on flat to rolling terrain…like a cross course!

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Thank You Brandon, I took the advice and rode L4/L6 crisscross on a flat loop Tuesday and Sweet Spot Bursts also on the flats today. Is the Secret Training Plan, Sept thru Nationals geared for the time crunched athlete? I am lucky to have plenty of time, and I noticed there is no settting for #hours on that plan. Would the normal CX training plan progression be more appropriate if one has plenty of available hours?

I’m in week 22 of the 24 week CX Offseason plan and am racing Iowa City in 7 weeks from Friday. I’m at CTL 83. The Sweet Spot and intervals have been going good.

Thanks any insight on comparison of Sept thru Natz versus normal CX progression would be appreciated.

Yes, the normal CX plan would be better if you have more time to train and recover. But remember during the race season it you should train by the motto, “quality over quantity”. Every training session should have a purpose. Now, if you want to go our with friends for a social ride, that is fine. But don’t turn a 1.5 hr interval day in to a 3 hr ride just because you think more riding hours are going to make you faster.

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I have 7 weeks till 1st race (Jingle CX), but still 2 weeks left on ‘24 week off season’ plan. I’m thinking about the start date for “6 weeks to CX”.
Should I skip the last week of ‘Off season’ plan to start ‘6 wks’ on Aug 5? That would put the 6th week of the plan the actual race week Sep 9-15.

I know from @traxxtar question, that both plans, have regeneration week at end and beginning. I need a regeneration week after 4 good hard weeks at the end of ‘Off Season’ plan. Which week would be better to skip, the last of current plan; or the 1st week of ‘6 weeks’? Does the 6 week plan start with 3 rest days the 1st week?

Thank You so much. The Off Season CX plan has worked beyond my expectations!

How is your ‘base’ ? IOW what is your CTL from the performance manager chart??

I’d begin the six weeks till cyclocross six - 7 weeks before your 1st race/season. There is a regen week at the end of your CX off season plan you can honor or edit slightly.

The six week plan starts off with a bang, so rest up prior to that :slight_smile:

@FRANK and @Brandon, Thank You for the responses. My CTL is 87 and ATL 107 today after week 22 of Off Season Plan. I’m 63, CX racing age is 65. Sounds like I need to skip week 23 (the 4th build week in a row) from current plan, and do at least a few rebuild days or maybe a full Regen week? In the latter case the earliest start of the 6 week plan would be Monday August 5th. That would give me only 6 weeks including race week. In that case, seems like I could modify the last week to taper down for 3 hard days of racing Fri-Sun.

At my age, not too critical to be top form at Jingle Cross, focus is on starting out the season to peak for nationals.

@FRANK and @Brandon, one more piece of info is that I have a 900 TSS week scheduled starting tomorrow (the 22nd week of “Off season CX”). So to go directly to “6 weeks to CX” with it’s 529 TSS week at intermediate level (or if I choose the advanced again, prolly be less than 900 TSS), would prolly be doable. That would allow finishing that plan the week before Jingle CX. After that, I may not race again for 5 weeks. Here in SoCal, the season starts usually mid October if not later.

So the question boils down to should I skip week 23 or 24 or both weeks, before starting the “6 weeks to CX” to race in 7 weeks from this past Friday.

I/we recommend doing the six weeks TILL cyclocross the six weeks before cx season. No matter where you are @ with your previous plan or race schedule after your first race this is the training you want/need to be doing exactly six weeks prior to the season.

Simply apply the plan six weeks back from the start of the season :wink:

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Thank You @FRANK I will start the 6 weeks Till CX plan today 7/29, 7 weeks before first race.