6 hr endurance race


I’m considering a 6 hr solo endurance road race at the end of January. I’ve never done an Endurance race before, so I’m looking for recommendations on training for this type of an event. I’ve done close to 6000 miles this year, so should have a good base to start from. Would also appreciate tips on pacing and nutrition for an event of this length.


Hi there @rustybroussard - we have two plans for you:

#1 sweet spot part 3

then do our fondo plan with a big emphasis on the LONG rides on Saturdays.

Curious where a 6 hour solo road race is in January? Good luck!

Thanks for the quick response! The race is the Pace Bend Ultra. Located about 30 miles west of Austin, Tx.

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Nice - I have had many athletes do the Pace Bend Road Race -

I foresee some 300 TSS Sweet Spot training rides in your future :wink:

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Yeah. It’s a great course. I figured it would be a lot of sweet spot work with long endurance rides. Something to keep me motivated for the winter months and hopefully carry some good fitness into next race season.


Race cancelled due to covid. Time to hit the gym and zwift.