32 wk Off Season Training plan - what plans are included within?

Is the 32 wk offseason plan the same as the resistance training plan + Sweet Spot 1,2 and 3? I’ve gone through a transition phase after taking a couple of weeks of just casually riding around. Wondering if it makes sense to hit the 32 week plan or individual plans.


The 32 week offseason plan is:

3 week fall Foundation
10 week resistance training
Sweet Spot 1, 2 and 3

The 32 week plan makes the most sense by the sounds of it! The 3 week fall foundation would be a great place to start now after some casual riding. Plus with buying the bundle the rest weeks are built in between the plans and you get to save money! So it’s a win win situation!

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I bought the full SS program last year and I would like to add the 3 week foundation and 10 week resistance training without paying the for the SS again. Is there a plan that I can buy specifically for the offseason before I restart my SS plan?



@matthewpenman You can simply purchase the fall foundation plan and our resistance/weight lifting training plan. Do the fall foundations first, followed by the resistance plan (no break needed) and then jump into your existing 18 weeks of SS plan!


Can the Fall Foundation be cut off and then jump into the weights portion of this plan and how do I do it please?

Yes you can. You would apply the plan 3 weeks before you want to start the weight training. Then you can just delete the previous 3 weeks of fall foundation plan.


Hello, getting ready to start this plan over and can’t remember where all the supporting documents are. One was a spreadsheet for zones another was a doc or video explaining some of the exercises and I think there was other items.

I’ve got the 18-week plan and its in the workouts. Go to app.trainingpeaks.com and pull up the first workout, for example in mine that is the 20-min field test. Click the workout to open it:

See the red arrows and circle for location!

Thanks, for some reason I thought it was on the site.