What is the difference in Sweet Spot plans?

If I buy Weight Training for Cycling and 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot the time commitment adds up to 28 weeks.

If I buy the Off Seasons Weight Resistance Training + Sweet Spot “Base” that’s a 32 week commitment.

What’s in the additional 4 weeks of the Off Season plan?


The additional weeks in the 32 week plan is 3 weeks of fall foundation and a regeneration week.

Thanks Jake.

So it is a true full year base plan. Perfect.

Just a suggestion, perhaps include that info in the 32 week plan description.

I currently have the CX Off-season and CX Summer Sweet Spot plans and will purchase a SBT GRVL plan. What’s the difference with the SS plans that I already have and the off-season and SS1 & SS2 plans that would normally go before a gravel specific plan? How much and how can I use of what I already have?

The cyclocross plans have some running in them which the sweet spot 1 and 2 will not have. Also there are a few more crisscross / burst workouts as cyclocross is a very explosive race. But in the long term they are not much different. You will get your gains with plenty of sweet spot work in either.

That’s just the info I needed. Thanks Jake!

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Hi Jake, ok so I have:

  • Weight Lifting for Cycling plan
  • 18 Weeks SS Base plan
  • coaching subscription

so if I buy the Foundation plan then you can add a regeneration week and I’ve got the 32 week plan?

Yes! Absolutely. I can do that for you.

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:+1: appreciate the quick reply and thank you!

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