End-of-season weeks

I’m finishing planning the rest of the season after my 18wk sweetspot plan ends next month and could use some guidance with structuring an empty stretch from Sep23-Oct27 leading to Foundation plan with the aim to:

  1. Repeat a few of the 500-650ish TSS weeks from the sweetspot plan to extend these late-build weeks a little longer with the goal of continuing the high calorie burn and similar aerobic intensity before Foundation plan starts on 10/28. I have a bunch of plans if another would be better to pull some weeks from and am happy to add another if it fits best
  2. Work in the FTP and profile tests I have currently dropped onto 10/14 to update zones for winter

I played around with a few different arrangements but didn’t come up with anything I felt confident with as a balance of volume, regen, and being ready for the field tests I want to fit in during that 4-5 week period.

Thanks as always!

Before you start the offseason plan you should take a 2 week off season. No riding or activity the first week. But second week you can introduce another aerobic activity. Just good to give your body and mind that rest.

But outside of that look to the sweet spot plans. Those would work. If you feel you have a weakness in your power curve you can work on that. Whether it be sprinting or FTP. Can also just Strava hunt whether for KOMs or PRs.

Fall is the best time to ride and best not to let the fitness go to zero before winter and you’re stuck on a trainer for months. So enjoy the last few weeks of decent riding.

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