32-Week Plan: Intermediate or Advanced


I currently am following the InSeason Gravel Plan. However, in Oct. I plan to start the 32-week plan. I typically train 10-15 hours a week. Although, there is at least 1-2 weeks a month I have to cut down to 10 hours. I was wondering if I should purchase the Intermediate plan and then when necessary cut out a workout (if so which ones?) Or buy the intermediate plan and add in workouts as need (if so what should I add in)? Thanks for your help!

How old are you? If you have a family and house best to stick with intermediate. If you get extra time through the week you can add in zone 2 time. If you are by yourself and a job that is more flexible you can do the advance. Never would want to cut out intervals, but just cut out zone 2 time. The amount of work, intervals, between advance and intermediate are pretty similar. The big difference is the training time.

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Great advice. I am turning 40 in Nov and have the full package of responsibilities (I.e. family, work, house, etc.). Thank you!

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