Ordered Basic would intermediate be better?

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I ordered 18 weeks base a couple of weeks ago in preparation for next year. I went for basic as I commute for about two hours a day (65 tss) but having had a good look through I wondering if I need intermediate? How much more time is needed to complete the weekday workouts on the next plan?- I probably have 90 105 mins each day? Would intermediate be more appropriate?



The longest weekday workout in the intermediate is 2 hours, however you can easily cut the zone 2 shorter at the beginning or the end to fit into your 90 - 105 minute window. Wouldn’t be an issue at all.

Thanks Jake, is there anyway I can swap up to the intermediate plan?

I swapped those out for you. So you should receive an email to accept the plan.


Thanks Jake,

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Sorry to pile on here, but thought it better than a new thread. I brain-farted and ordered Climbing Intervals - Basic and Tulsa Tough - Basic, but intended to order both as Intermediate. Do you think you could help me with the swap-out, too? Thanks!

Hi Ted,

Since you just ordered them that is not a problem. I swapped them out for you so you are all set. Just need to go to your inbox and accept the new (intermediate ) plans, apply and #FtFP!


Related question - In the most recent podcast, I heard Frank use age as a guide to choosing between Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels for SS4. Does age also apply to choosing the levels in SS1, SS2 and SS3? If so, what levels do you suggest for what ages and should I make a change if I’ve been using a plan at a higher level than suggested by my age? Thanks


I’m new here so forgive a pretty dumb question. I just ordered the SS2 intermediate plan for 8-12hrs/WK but the volume looks more like the lower volume option. Then again, I see that all of the workouts were entered twice for each day in TP. Should I just do double workouts each day or am I just being thick?


Your plan should have a total of 8 - 12 hours per week as the intermediate level. Make sure you purchased the intermediate plan. You can look in your TrainingPeaks plan library to double check. Also sounds like you may have two plans applied at the same time. Try unapplying the plans and reapplying them. There should be only one workout per day on this plan.

Here is a screen shot even from the webpage of what Sweet Spot 2 intermediate looks like. If it does not let us know and we can troubleshoot some more.

Hi Jake!

Thanks for the screenshot- I definitely see something different. As you can see below (Week 2), I think it shows I ordered the Intermediate SS plan but it loaded in ~50% of the volume (and my projected CTL goes down from where it is today). The plan you showed me doesn’t match with what is loading into my TP account. Any thoughts?

Thanks again!

That is sweet spot 1. And it looks like you ordered sweet spot 1. But first messaged said you were looking for sweet spot 2. Sweet spot 2 would have more work.

Did you want sweet spot 2? We can swap those out for you real quick. Since you just ordered it.


Yes, please. Sorry for the hassle. SS2 intermediate is what I meant to order. I selected SS intermediate for 8-12hrs per week, so if you can switch it I’ll be all good to start next week.

Thank you so much!

Hey Chris,

I swapped those plans for you. You will need to accept the new plan in the next 72 hours like you had done with the original plan you received.

Sweet! Looks great now! Thank you!!