Bought the basic plan by mistake

Hey guys I bought the basic weight training plan and meant to buy the intermediate. Is there a way to change that?

I mistakenly bought the basic resistance plan for triathletes. Can I get help changing it to intermediate?

All set @matthewbader - good luck #FtFP’ing :muscle:

Good morning. Didn’t want to create a new thread for the same thing. I just purchased the basic version of the Road/Crit Interval plan (inadvertently) and would prefer the Advanced. Thanks a ton and stay warm!!!

edit - I haven’t accepted the basic one yet just in case that makes it easier for you.


Just traded that out for you. Enjoy!

Thanks a ton Isaiah!!! looking forward to these :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve been working on the 32-weeks off-season plan and I want to get more hours in once the sweet spot portion begins. Is there any way I can swap over to the advanced plan? Thanks!

Hi there, I have also done the same as the above, i yesterday purchased Sweet spot 3 and an intervals block and i’m now looking to change this up for the intermediate plan, can someone help please?

Many Thanks


Just switched that out for you. Enjoy!

Traded that out for you for the Intermediate plans.


Is it possible to exchange my Intermediate CX Off-Season 24 weeks from Intermediate to Basic. I do the number of hours per week for Intermediate but heavily weighted at the weekend. I cannot fit in 2 hr workouts during the week. I am happy to adjust myself if needed as it’s mostly more time before/after intervals rather than interval length, TIA.

To me it sounds like you would be better off with the intermediate plan. There are not too many 2 hour weekday rides so you can handle the interval load and work. Just cut down the zone 2 time before and after intervals. That would be my suggestion. The basic maybe to light of workload for you. However if you want we would be more than willing to exchange for you!

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That’s no problem - I can amend the Intermediate. Thanks Jake.

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Same problem here! I bought the intermediate flat gravel plan and meant to buy the intermediate hilly plan. Whoopsie.

Hi Sara,

I swapped those plans out for you so you should be set! You will have to accept the plan again though.

Hey Jake, I tried emailing you, but I don’t have the original email to accept the plan. Could you send it again?

No problem. Just resent the link.

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I purchased the intermediate 18 week sweet spot plan, but would like to move up to the Advanced if at all possible. Thanks for your help!


Hiya @robjacobsen - for sure but before we do we want to make sure that is the right plan for you:
#1 we presume you have 12-16+ hours a week to train ?
#2 we presume you are under 35 years of age ?
#3 that you are training for an event that warrants ALOT of base - which is that?
#4 you have a lifestyle that will support the recovery from all that training

Happy to swap that out for ya but more training isn’t necessary better in some circumstances - let us know and always #FtFP!

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Thanks Frank. After really thinking about your questions, I will stay with the intermediate plan. I appreciate the help!


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