How many weeks of intervals?

I am a 61 year old rider training for medium length gravel races (nothing like the Dirty Kanza 200!). I am nearing the end of the 32 week Resistance and Sweet Spot off season plan, which has been great, and I have made good progress. I have my first gravel race in early June, around a 2 and a half hours effort. After this week I will have the last 3 weeks of the training plan, and then 4 weeks until my A race. My question is: If I do an interval plan to have my best race should I do all 6 weeks of the interval plan and cut the last sweet spot phase short by a couple of weeks, or should I do a week or two less of the interval plan and complete the sweet spot plan? Thank for the well thought out and effective plans!

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Hey @thomas.wagner - to do the best at your A race, I suggest ending the 32 week plan a few weeks early so that you can complete the full gravel training plan as that will give you your “race specific” training and will include a taper into that event :slight_smile: