32-week Off-season Plan - Then On to Race Specific

I start the OFF SEASON RESISTANCE TRAINING + SWEET SPOT “BASE” plan today. Plugging my first event of 2020 into TrainingPeaks shows I am 31 weeks from that date (if history holds, it’s around the first weekend of April). It’s the Skyway Epic and I want to do the 60-mile option.

I hate to assume anything. Do I just stop my current plan six weeks out and start a MTB-specific plan?


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Yes and no - you will want to look at and edit your plan to see what you can remove in order to fit it all in. There’s 3 weeks of foundation that the 32 week starts off that you could chop. You could do less sweet spot (instead of 18 weeks > 16 weeks)

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Thanks, Frank. I looked at the calendar again when I got home and realized there’s a NICA race the same weekend. Since I’m one of the coaches, I need to be there.

Looking further out the calendar, there’s a Gran Fondo in May for which I can train.

I just have to put something on the calendar as a goal… Something to work toward.