Off Season Planning - Gravel Racing

Got started with one of Lacy’s Meal plans which helped me to finish up losing 25 lbs over the last 12 months. Added in the Haute Route Plan to get me ready for the Tour Da Yoop starting tomorrow (1200 miles over 10 days). As an aside along the way of that plan got my first ever Podium Age GroupFinish in the SE Gravel Series and placed 12th overall.

As I sit in the hotel room, I am looking at planning out the off season.

My last major event is at the end of the September. My main goal is to be highly competitive in the SE Gravel Series races (Short Course around 50 miles) next year. I am currently 53 years old.

I am wanting to do a double peak next year with the first and last (6th race double points) races. First race is going to be First week of March and last one end of September.

So I am assuming after my last race(End of Sept) I should do:
10 Week Weight Lifting Plan
After that I have 13 weeks until my first event. What training plan(s) should I do for those 13 weeks (I can also do a training camp) to be ready to peak for a 50 mile Gravel Race first week of March?


Congrats on all the success this year!

You should go for 16 Weeks Of Sweet Spot - New :boom: – FasCat Coaching

Or, combine both plans along with a few weeks of foundation work in the fall by using 30 Week Weights + Sweet Spot Base - New :boom: for 2022 – FasCat Coaching

You’ll still be in the middle of 16 Weeks of Sweet Spot when your season starts, but that’s the way you should do it: trying to peak in March for a season that runs March-September wouldn’t be a great idea.

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