30 Week Off Season-scheduling hurdle


I first posted this in the FB group and got some great offers to ride while in CO however, I’m still wondering how to deal with this schedule hurdle if I can’t train at all or can only train a little at a gym if I can find one with day-use options.

I just started into my second week of FasCat’s 30 Week Off-Season Training Plan and I’m very stoked and excited about it.

My first scheduling hurdle is coming up and I’m trying to plan ahead. I’ll be visiting Boulder Dec 21 - 25 and then Fort Collins Dec 25th to the 28th.

I’m hoping to find a gym with bikes (preferably with PM) but what do I do if I can’t find anyplace to work out for that time frame. I’ll be back in California on the 28th so can hit the bike in the garage but I’ll be out workouts…!!!

21st is Muscle Tension Intervals 3 x 7

22nd is Adaptation: #5, 4 x 8 reps

24th is Adaptation: #6,

25th is zone 2 ride & Nino Secret Training 30 min…

26th is Muscle Tension Interval 2 x 12 minutes

27th is Adaptation, # 7, (add even more weight).

Those are a lot of serious work blocks to miss if I cant find gyms in Boulder and Fort Collins …

Any thoughts on how to deal with this situation.


One thought is to hire a coach to help you revise your plan around your travel and for future moments when other events in your life happen.

Other than that you are going to need to revise your plan around your travel and logistics and what is and isn’t possible.

Left click drag n drop is the easiest way to move your plan around. You can copy and paste entire weeks too

You may just have to resume Adaptation #5 when you are back home… you can google gyms in both areas and do you own research too :wink:

Cool, thanks Frank.
I’m new to Training Peaks and didn’t realize I could mess with a whole week at once.

Coach @Jake has a video walk thru or screenshot tutorials

Thanks Frank!
Here’s the link I found if anyone else wonders down this path. :walking_woman: :walking_man: :biking_man: :biking_woman: